Perte de sens

La lassitude que nous ressentons souvent nous indique que nous nous sommes éloignés du sens véritable de notre vie. Nous cherchons à étouffer cette lassitude en amoncelant des objets et en apportant des changements extérieurs : changer de boulot, de maison, de voiture, de pays, divorcer, se remarier…


Marianne Hubert (FR)



Marianne est une enseignante spirituelle. Elle a créé « le Troisième Pôle », une méthode de travail sur soi pour assumer le divin que nous sommes, aidée par l’entité spirituelle qu’elle canalise, le Guide. Elle est l’auteure d’un jeu d’oracle, « le divin au quotidien » et du livre « accueillons notre imperfection », premier tome de la série « vie : mode d’emploi ». Elle donne des conférences, des ateliers et des stages en Belgique et en France.


Marianne est née à Ostende (Belgique) le 2/2/63 d’un père flamand et d’une mère canadienne.  Elle connaît plusieurs expériences de mort imminente dans sa jeunesse.  A l’âge de 16 ans elle s’installe à Bruxelles pour commencer une carrière dans le secteur privé, qui l’amènera ensuite à Athènes, Paris, Wilmington (DE, USA), encore Paris puis elle revient en Belgique où elle intègre la fonction publique européenne.


Tout en menant de front sa carrière professionnelle, Marianne n’a de cesse de rechercher ici-bas ce qu’elle connut là-haut. Elle pratique le bouddhisme, parcourt plusieurs voies initiatiques (druidisme, candomblé, chamanisme africain…), se forme à l’astrologie, aux tarots, aux runes, à différentes méthodes de soins énergétiques. Elle effectue plusieurs psychanalyses (lacanienne, jungienne et psychocorporelle). Elle se forme à la psychologie transpersonnelle et à la psychanalyse jungienne.


Elle est mariée avec Emilien Sanou et mère de deux enfants, Lhéanna et Samuel. 


Marianne se définit comme une «linguiste spirituelle », elle possède un étonnant talent pour les langues (elle en parle 7) et a la faculté de décoder les systèmes symboliques, de l’astrologie au langage du subconscient. Son contact avec la dimension du haut lors de ses expériences de mort imminente l’ont initiée au sens de la vie sur terre en tant que sphère d’apprentissage en faveur de la purification de l’âme.


C’est avec amour, humour, clairvoyance et une foi inébranlable dans le potentiel illimité de chacun qu’elle accompagne ceux qui aspirent à élargir leur conscience et à laisser rayonner leur Soi divin  dans leur vie.



Contacter Marianne :

Marianne’s story (EN)


I was a very sick child and a strange one at that. My first clinical death, age 3, gave me an intense experience of the other world and the purpose of life on earth. Before I was 18, I had six more NDE’s. During each NDE I experienced such unconditional love, it defies description. But I learnt that truth is love. Each time I was shown a film of the life I had lived so far, all the interactions with people around me and how we had exchanged joy and love but also hatred and hostility. I learnt that life on earth was a school to purify the parts in our soul that are not yet permeable to the laws of the universe: all things positive without the negative opposite we know on earth.


As doctors were sure I wouldn’t live long, my parents did not bother educating me. My father, who was an officer in the navy, felt terribly embarrassed by whatever I shared after each NDE.


At 3,5 years old I was put in a sanatorium held by Catholic nuns to heal. It felt like I had lost my parents, as all contact with them was forbidden. I was stripped of everything that I felt to be me: my language (I’m from Ostend), my nice clothes, the sweets my mother lovingly packed for me, my mom’s hugs and kisses, my pacifier and my blankie. The other children were older than 6. I remember roaming the corridors crying for a full year.

After that I became a very difficult child. I had lost all spontaneity and was out for revenge: my parents had to accommodate all my whims and desires.


When I was about 12, a remedy was found and I could finally move about more freely. I decided to live very intensely, if not wisely. I got into a lot of trouble, trying to feel ALIVE. I remember all my childhood longing to go back home, the place of endless love and joy: death.


I was bright at school and finished my studies early. Soon my world seemed too small for me: I moved to Brussels and started to work in the corporate world when I was 16. That experience was too small for me too, at 19 I moved to Greece, and at 22 to Paris, then the States at 25, back to Paris and finally back to Belgium at age 28.


My restlessness was not just external, I spent my young life searching for what I had experienced on the other side of the veil: I became a Buddhist, studied astrology, tarot, runes, went on shamanic initiatory paths in Druidry and Candomblé and had my first psychoanalysis at 16, followed by several more: Lacan, Freud and Jung and body psychotherapy. I studied Jungian psychoanalysis and holotropic breathwork. Though fascinating, none of these experiences brought me close to what I had known.


My material life was a mess: though I made a very decent living I kept getting myself into debt and wasn’t able to stay in a relationship. I was a single mom by then to a lovely baby who was born by miracle as I used several birth control methods! Her birth father did not wish to get involved. I wanted to give her a stable and beautiful life and I knew all my spiritual endeavors weren’t going to give her that.


At that point I was really fed up with all the struggle and decided to stop looking for the spiritual world on earth! I thought : if my spiritual connection is not going to serve my life here, then I’m giving it up. I remember that moment as if it was yesterday. I felt deeply disappointed by the promise I felt had been made to me. I was hoping things would come from above, from the eternal source of love and abundance that I remembered from my NDE’s. They didn’t. The ceiling staid put! There was no way back up. I realised at that point I had been using spirituality to escape and to embellish life on earth.


Now I decided I would settle for what was available. I spoke many languages, but refused to use them as an asset. Giving up what I wanted most, spirituality and self-development, I settled for what I thought was going to be a dreary life, and passed a competition as a European civil servant. I finally accepted the limits of earthly life, with all its prosaic bleakness, working for money, settling for duality, negotiating relationships with others: learning to live with what is as opposed to hoping for what should be.


That’s when the synchronicities started happening, incredible ones, as if the spiritual dimension wanted to impress me with its power over the material world. I had an energy healing with Ron Bedrick, a healer from Barbara Brennan’s school for healing who was briefly in Brussels. For the very first time my first chakra was open and I really felt I belonged on earth. Ron gave me the most precious gift on earth: the Pathwork lectures.


I finally stopped buying my own story and concentrated on what I wanted to manifest, challenging along the way all my self-created obstacles which were buried in my subconscious mind. If I was willing to look at what I used to turn my head away from, there they were, right in my emotions: my misconceptions, fears and feelings of being not good enough. All were aligned to a life of lack, of separation and duality, things I knew during childhood.


From that point onwards, life became a treasure hunt. With time, as each problem became the starting point for a new liberation I stopped dreading them. And since I was no longer vibrating “problems” they stopped coming to me. All I need to do is grow and move and change my mind about whatever is not aligned to divine law within myself, by being the neutral observer of my emotional life.


This was 23 years ago. I quit European civil service after seven years for health reasons, but kept all my benefits. Since then I have given form to this “how to” manual for life on earth in the form of a method to claim our divine essence and make it our daily experience. It’s called Le Troisième  Pôle. I channel the Guide, more than 3000 pages so far. I am thrilled and grateful to be able to help many spiritual seekers discover how they create their lives. I do this by giving lectures, workshops and intensives in Belgium and France. I have edited an oracle card deck, called “daily divine” based on the Guide’s quotes. I’ve written a book « Embracing our imperfection », the first of a series called “vie: mode d’emploi ».


I train and supervise helpers who work with my method in individual and group sessions.


We live in a beautiful ancient grain storage building in the countryside. We have created a multifunctional center called “Autre Porte”, another door to pleasure and growth. With the helpers I trained, we have created a community here, we all live in a 10 km range from our center and work together often. Since 2004 I organize each year a group trip to high vibration places around the world. This year we’re going to aboriginal Québec.


On a personal level, I have been with my gorgeous husband Emilien for 20 years. He is from Burkina Faso and we sure had a challenge to make this work, as we came from different worlds in every possible way. But we did, and moving towards true union, as opposed to fusion, was a path in the path. We have a beautiful family. And my husband works with me. His presence and his music assure the grounding in our activities, as grounding is essential when you work with higher consciousness.


In 2007 we created a social project in Burkina Faso. It’s called Etoile Polaire, we offer scholarships to 297 children this year.


I had no idea I already had it in me. What I thought I had to ask from the old God figure on his cloud is actually sitting right inside me. It is sitting right inside you, waiting for you to tap into it: your glorious divine being. We are all here to change this world for the better, each of us bringing a unique contribution. But we have to get it out of its wrapping paper: the childhood pain and the defenses we built to avoid it.


This path is immensely spiritual and also very earthy ! It reveals how powerful we are to build our lives according to our wishes, as long as we are willing to look at everything that’s true about ourselves, positive or negative.


We received the blueprint for this life on earth during childhood. When we start thinking “why did I need this pain”, we’re on the right track. Because our higher self is already perfect, it has never been hurt, never been humiliated, it has never known lack or loneliness or separation, because we are godseeds. When we discover why we need our problems, we find our true power.


With this method you can address the childhood pain and the defenses you have created to protect you from it. Changing your mind about the defenses is why you are here. They keep your wounds open and hurt others.


And from within the “download” you will find the mission, the unique gift you have for life. If you don’t deliver it, life will have to do without it. And that would be such a shame.