Guide's message on the spiritual significance of the coronavirus pandemic

Guide’s message on the coronavirus pandemic – English version

Autre Eglise, March 17, 2020


channeled by Marianne Hubert - text in italic print was translated from the French channeling. 


The session starts with a 10 minutes meditation with music played by Emilien Sanou on the balafon.


“Welcome dear friends, I am the guide and we are meeting in this space which seems virtual, but which is real from the perspective that unites us all, the spiritual perspective. We are meeting in this fifth dimension which will soon be yours. And the recent events are a preparation of this shift.


Light workers are who you are. You are light workers, simply because you all know that you have a spiritual existence before having a material existence. There is no difference between these worlds, though most humans think there is. The worlds are inside each other. The spiritual world is present, always, and the material world is open to it or not yet open to it.


So, you are not a human being opening to a spiritual existence, your spiritual existence is your truth and your body, your physical body and all the layers in between are contained in your spiritual existence which is eternal. You are not in danger. You are only being invited to live from your center instead of from the edges of yourself.


As human beings you like stories and one of your favorite stories is that you believe to be empty inside and that you have to fill yourself up from the outside. 

It is time for this story to be looked at and laughed at. The truth is that you are full. Full of light, full of everything that this world needs, this world, which is not finished yet, the way an artwork may not yet be finished.


But the story you tell yourselves is entertaining and you are fascinated at having created a world which reflects the story.  You are gods and you know you are.  Certain parts of you don’t know it yet.


Not knowing that you are god, you have invented stories about gods, about superior beings; you have projected the godself outside of yourself, thus crippling your inner god: your higher self. 


Everything that exists has been willed, the way wanting to feel empty has been willed. Of course, it is a matter of collective consciousness and until you find you are personally connected to it and how, you will be controlled by it and your lives will resemble what has been formulated in emptiness, lack and deficit. As you think you are empty, you have to live in a world that reflects the emptiness. 


But the projection has to be seen for what it is now. You are experiencing a negative world situation because it is reflecting the story you tell yourselves, and in this story where you think you are empty, you resent those who seem a little bit fuller than yourself and you have to despise those who are a little emptier. 

The actual situation justifies fear. It justifies your fear of each other, and your suspicion of others. It justifies the fear of what lives in your own subconscious mind and your fear of being a danger to someone else, so your suspicion towards yourself.            


At some point, the solution of denying the obvious no longer works and whatever lives in the subconscious mind has to come to the surface. See things this way: what is outside always reflects what is inside instead of the other way around. Your society is still largely based on how you believe external events create a reaction in yourselves. So, you think there is a virus and therefore you are afraid, but the opposite is true: you are afraid, and the fear has produced something that justifies it.


The fear itself wouldn’t be such a problem if only you would listen to what is going on in your inner world. The unconscious fear or the fear that is being denied and negated has more power than the fear that is met and examined.


If you could meet your fears head on you would find that they are the fears of a small child, the child that you once were and that depended on the outside world for his every need. You have been that child, but you no longer are.


Obviously when you believe that your sustenance has to come from a source outside yourself, you have to fear that your need will not be met. That is why there is an intention to not be aware of the riches that live inside yourself. It is a way to convince the outside world to give you what you did not receive when you were a child.


My dear friends, your child consciousness demands to receive from a source outside of you all that is necessary or desirable and it obviously has to be afraid that the world might not give what is necessary or desirable. The source is within you, but as long as you deny the existence of the child within you who demands to receive from an outside source, you cannot access the unlimited source in you, which is unlimited and rich beyond imagination. If you access this source, you will find it not only contains what you need -- for it contains jewels, riches in the form of talents, qualities, courage, elevation and love. If you tap into that source, you will not only satisfy yourself, you will change the world. Only a short time is necessary for the world to fill up if all human beings become aware of the riches that are living inside of them. 


But before you can tap into them, you have to discover the part of you that claims being empty. The riches are hidden underneath certain pollutions. These pollutions have to be the parts of you who do not believe in abundance, for how could you create a world of abundance if you believe yourself to be empty? You will certainly answer: “But I do not believe I am empty!” And you are right, in your adult consciousness you do not feel empty, you are even willing to give of yourself and to contribute. That is the conscious part of you, but this conscious part is less powerful than the unconscious part which wants to receive and therefore pretends to be empty. 


It is time to link spirituality to psychology. Those among you who are on a transformational path have known this for a long time, but the concepts which rule reality on the earth plane do not take this reality into account, the reality that if you dive deep enough in your emotional life, you will access your spiritual force, the one which is the inner god, the god who is capable of changing the world.


There is a potential for cooperation, but it should not be the cooperation based on the compromise between the emptiness and the theoretical knowledge of being full. This will not be enough. No, each human being is invited to observe, to listen to, to confront, to take responsibility for and to accept what is really being felt, for it is in your emotions that you may discover the parts of you which are not yet permeable to love, abundance, fraternity, peace and security. 


It is time to abolish the separation between spirituality and psychology. As most of you have already experienced since you are on a path of self-transformation, it is through plowing ahead through the confusion and the fears in your emotions that you find the higher self, the part of you that is god and that is full of everything that is necessary and desirable.  That part of you is right there and you can access it if you have the courage to admit, to feel, to accept and to love the parts of you that are not loving yet.


Those are the parts of you that need a strong ray of love from the higher self.  The tendency is to ignore those parts and it is because they have been negated for such a long time that they become obvious now.

There is no more denying the existence of these parts, the world situation is now reflecting the fears: seeing the other as your enemy or seeing yourself as someone’s enemy. These fears are not real but as long as they are negated and denied, they will grow and manifest materially the way they have now.


This situation offers a huge potential of transformation and my privilege today is to give you the good news: look around you, despite the suffering, many signs of hope are already present. 


You now live with the risk or the fear that your material life may cease tomorrow and that puts you in the privileged position of being in front of a choice. This position of choice is not negative. This crisis takes place at the time of spring equinox so you would have a choice. Be those who know they have a choice. Life can once again reveal itself to you in its fulness, in its purity if you so choose. Air is unencumbered, water is purifying itself, our own hearts are purifying themselves because of the lock-down, because you now realize you do not crave material objects but rather contact with those you love.   


The other advantage is that you can now project yourselves in people around the world who suffer daily from that which for you is still a vague threat only, except for some.  You may have a thought for those who die totally anonymously in other parts of the world because of illnesses who have always existed with a much larger mortality rate. You are close to these people now, you can open your heart to their suffering, and I invite you to do so, now that your freedom is hampered. Perhaps you feel closer now to people who are imprisoned in unbearable situations and perhaps you now understand the suffering of displaced people who are forced to migrate. 


The illusion here is that there is only one well and that it might run dry and it is therefore dangerous to share it with others. Your divine self is also the divine self of the earth, which is rich beyond your power of imagination.  The riches of the earth are the exact reflection of your inner riches and as you are not tapping your inner source, at least not sufficiently, you have to be surrounded by a world where there is scarcity. The external pollution is the reflection of internal pollution. 


That is the mistake made by lightworkers who wanted and who still want to build a positive world, they did not understand that the positive world can only be built with the building blocks gained from confronting the negativity that lives in your child consciousness.  


Listen to this negativity, be fine observers of your emotional processes, they represent the parts of you that are not yet permeable to the love you really are. Do not turn your heads away from them, observe whatever is the truth about you at any given time, make space for the inner observer, the benevolent witness. There is no need to feel guilty or ashamed of your shadow side, you are human beings and you are entitled to it, do not refuse it as it is by confronting the parts of yourself that are still vibrating in negativity that you can extract what is positive. Positivity does not stem from a different source than negativity, though this belief is still widespread on this earth plane. There are no two sources, it is the same source, negativity is made from the same divine, full and positive soul substance. It is also what you are made of. But there are not enough building blocks, are there? The real building blocks to build the plant of your dreams are found in the transformation of whatever is negative.         


In a very short time, the world may reveal its fullness if you confront the illusion of emptiness and seek your own inner fullness which exists under the layers of whatever in you is still aligned on lack and emptiness. Render your unconscious conscious. This is not hard to do, just observe the flow of your emotions. Allow me to refer to the teachings that were transmitted through another channel, the Pathwork® teachings ( and in English  ). You can make good use of your moments of enforced silence. 


Light workers all over the world have been making efforts to create a better world, to encourage positivity. Their intent is totally positive. But somehow there is an erroneous perception. 

The positive world, the one you are all dreaming of and that you would like to see as a reality can only be built with the building blocks that are contained in the negative part of the world. But of course, there is no way of doing this collectively.


Humanity is ready now to live life from the blueprint of the god he has always been taken from the layers, the parts of you that are disconnected, that are frozen.

It is the same energy, there is no other source for the creation of evil, it is all positive, love can be extracted from the confrontation of hate.


So, look at the parts in you that are still hating someone, hating yourself and send love to these parts. Love them, accept them and they will melt into the positivity they were originally.

The world is ready for this message. There is no elite, no spiritual elite on this planet any longer and of course the younger generation was born in these energies and their path will be quick and soft but the people that have learned the transformation process and are from a previous generation have to testify as to the possibility of transforming what is negative to positive. It is the same energy. So please make your unconscious mind conscious.


A rigorous self-observation will allow for the loving gaze of your higher self to melt the parts of you that still believe in lack and deficit.


It is all love and the holding of your breath now on this planet which is paralyzed with this disease while people all over the world have been suffering and dying in large numbers, this pause, gives you the gift of living your life with the threat of dying and that makes you open to what is essential. 

You have come to this earth to change your mind about what is vibrating lack, hate, fear. Now that people are far apart, they become conscious of what is really essential, and that is human love, contact. You are here on this planet to learn about love and all that is not yet love in you when you leave your body behind will have to be repeated.


You are the witnesses of this process, of the possibility of transforming negativity into love, but it only happens when you accept it and you look at it squarely – at this part of you that does not vibrate love. And whatever the negativity of people around you, it does not justify acting upon your own.


A break is what is offered, this break may bring you close to what is essential, the task that you came to earth for:  transforming the negativity and opening, opening the vaults, the rich vaults of all the talents, the qualities that are there, waiting to be released into the world, with the pleasure and the joy.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying everything that life has to offer, even expansion, economic growth, travelling. What needs to be looked at now is the motivation, the emotional motivation behind economic endeavors. Please do not throw the baby away with the bath water.


Look at yourself; look at the world, it is a reflection of who you are. Look at why you need this crisis, which part of you vibrates this crisis. This is the greatest gift you can bring to humanity. To look at why you need this personally. The switch can be immediate.


This is help, this crisis is showing you that you need to look inside and transform what is keeping you from being the light and the love that you truly are.


Look inside yourself, for that is where you can see the prisons, the fears which keep your divine fullness from flooding you and the world with all the light and love that are inside you.


Your inner life produces the outside world as a result. So, expansion, pleasure, traveling and consumption are not a problem unless they are motivated by the fear of lack and the greed that results from the lack.  


All the answers are right there within you. Why do you need this crisis? Crisis is always an opportunity to correct what needs to be corrected. Identify the reason you need this crisis. Which parts of you are triggered now? Fears, suspicions. Send light to the fears and the suspicions and soon you will realize they are not necessary. 


Only a small change in inner attitude is necessary, quantitatively, very few people need to change their minds for the world to pivot and start moving towards what it was originally: just as full as you are. But the world can only reflect this fullness if you tap into the fullness inside yourself. 


I will withdraw for a few minutes before answering your questions. 


QUESTION : This quarantine represents the true meaning of Lent, which reminds us of the 40-day period of Jesus in the desert, a period of deep meditation, of going inward to face our fears and negativity, and find inner truth and a new direction? 


ANSWER: Yes indeed, humanity has felt the need, and it is still being felt in certain spiritual movements, as there has to be a time of reflection, of halting the external world, the running in all directions at once, taking care of needs of which one thinks they are in conflict. The need to make a living and the need to be with one’s family and the need to have an abundant inner life seem to be conflicting needs and this causes fragmentation. But they are not.


People are so close to being able to live from the part of themselves that is full.  Your higher self knows no conflict, it has never known lack, it has never been humiliated, and it has never had to defend itself.

The halt that is now essential is an opportunity to go back to that higher self, to listen to it, to be connected to it or to see what is covering it; because some parts of you are still covering your higher selves; the parts of you that are not knowing, not experiencing abundance, love, peace. There is a war going on, the war that was lived externally by your forefathers. People are joking now about this war which is fought by staying connected to your sofa and yes, stay connected for the real war is inside, not outside and lent has always been about diminishing of destructions. A further, more positive position would be to listen to the higher self whatever the external destruction.


That is the next level for human beings and that is what the fifth dimension is all about.


QUESTION: The coronavirus gets people to consume less as shops are closed, to avoid leaving their house, to stop traveling and polluting as flights are canceled, to question the need for holidays on huge ocean liners which pollute and hurt the oceans, to consider buying local produce, to take care of their health, to focus on their own inner center and to their close family instead of going out to restaurants, see friends or movies.             

At the same time, it makes people suspicious of each other, it makes them avoid others and refrain from touching or kissing, it makes them selfish, buying large quantities of food at shops with no thought for others and it makes them look at screens, TV and play videogames.


So, it is a benefit for earth, but what about social relationships. Do people have the resources for this inner evolution they are invited to pursue? 


ANSWER: Thank you for this profound question and this profound thought. Humanity has postponed its evolution by identifying with duality. Even today decisions on an economic, political and social levels are taken on a basis of lack and wanting to fill the lack by outside means. But as long as one is in duality, a new lack will appear when the first one is filled. A new solution should then be found, and it is found, as human beings are creative and aligned on the divine forces that inhabit them. 


The model is not functioning well. Duality is only a reflection of what still needs to be transformed in individuals and collectively. Decisions should not be taken based on duality. It is quite possible to consult the higher self before making decisions, for each decision that has been made from a position of duality will create a new problem. That is why one can see the contrast between thoughtless overconsumption and the model that is now presented as virtuous, the halting of all expansion, the halting of pleasure that comes from traveling and discovering other places, other countries, other mores. That cannot be true, one should not question the pleasure, but rather what the pleasure is based on. If every human would act consciously by being aware of what they are formulating at any given time: “what is my emotional motivation here?”


To illustrate this, let me give you an example. Let’s say there is this little boy who did not have a lot of space, or a lot of personal attention during childhood. Why? Simply because he was born in a big family. In order to make some space for himself and be seen, he formulated wanting to be the best. His parents and teachers wanted him to be the best and he was willing to be the best. He didn’t think about the fact that so he could be the best, another boy would have to be the worst. He had no wish to push someone else in the role of dunce, far from it. He just wanted to prove his excellence. And it is alright to prove one’s excellence. Of course, he did not stop using this solution after childhood, having been the best at school to get more space and attention, he has now become the best at his job, an ambitious young man wanting to compete. Competition can be healthy and stimulating. 


But along the way he forgot the suffering of the little boy who didn’t have enough space or attention. Today, the little boy who became a CEO may lay off thousands of workers just to make more money or to satisfy the company shareholders. He has lost the little boy he once was. But if today he goes back to the little boy and remembers the suffering he went through, if he comforts the little boy who still lives deep inside himself and tells him how precious he is to the adult man, his heart will melt. The love he has today for the part of him who one day was suffering will make him aware of the other half of his success, the part where he had to crush other people, where he has to lay off workers, all in a desperate attempt to be a better version of himself, the one that would deserve more space and attention. 


Being the best and having an open heart are not incompatible. Through his contact with the wounded child in him he can access the part of him that is still suffering. If he takes no inner action, the child will never heal. He has to be the good parent to his inner child now. And doing so, he will be able to hear the suffering of all the others, the ones he may have crushed without intending to. He will become aware of his actions, and of their consequences. He may then feel remorse. Remorse is an old-fashioned word, but still such a magnificent spiritual value. His remorse will open his heart, his heart will open to his higher self and in his higher self he will find the perfect solution for him and for the workers he employs. 


I am telling you this story, because it is very simple in fact, to listen inside to what one vibrates, to what negative emotions one feels. Your negative emotions are always connected to the child’s suffering, the child which found a solution. This gentleman’s solution was to prove his excellence. 


One may think the solution would be to treat him like one would a villain, a bad guy, someone who is out to exploit the masses. 


One would not mention the masses’ intention of being exploited. I could tell you another story about them, the story about people who think they have no value, since their value was not reflected to them by their parents or teachers when they were children. Their solution was to appease and to follow, hoping to receive some leftovers. That solution is just as negative as the winning gentleman’s solution. 


The true pollution, dear friends, is found in pointing out someone else’s solution. You are all in the same boat. You all have wounds underneath your defenses. The defense is negative, it hurts others and it hurts yourself. But the wound, the place where you are hurt, opens onto the higher self inside you. The higher self where lies all good. There is no general rule as to what is right or wrong in society. Transformation can only be individual. And help is available to dive into yourself.


And answering your question: can we afford it? Of course you can. The means will spring forth with each step you take to get closer to dissolving your existential conflict, the one you incarnated with and was shown to you through your childhood suffering. The solution is there, for you can be your inner child’s good parent. Then you can understand that you needed your defense mechanism, it has saved your life when you were little, even though today it is based on a situation of lack, of hate, of lack of attention in the case of the first example, or based on a lack of recognition in the case of the employees. 


There are no bad guys. Rather, when the bad guys appear, ask yourself, why do I need this meanness, this specific meanness which is there before me. Which part of me is influenced by this contact? How do I react emotionally when I’m touched by someone’s negativity? You will see that you react with your own negativity. And negativity is negativity, it is not cleaner when it is a reaction instead of an action. It is negative, but it contains the building blocks of your existence full of joy, full of pleasure, full of peace. What is needed is self-observation, the observation of what one feels. And this is totally free! 


This message should be widely spread, but it can only happen if you, the lightworkers who are here with us today, start by applying this yourself. Then you will be able to testify to others. For there is no doubt you will reach your higher selves by confronting the parts of you which are negative, your defense and the wound that still sits underneath it. Access the wounded child, become its good parent and lots of solutions will appear for you. 


The problem is that human beings who are meant to govern should obviously be aligned with their higher selves, but rarely are. For those who are, are not eager to have political careers as they are afraid they won’t be heard. And they won’t, not right now. But is that a reason to feel powerless and refrain from stepping forward? 

Claiming powerlessness is a tool used by the child you once were. Scarcity is formulated by the child you once were. It is not real, it is an illusion, you are so powerful. Those who seek power often thirst for it to compensate a lack in their own childhood. Their intent is also positive.  No politician starts out consciously saying “I will be a politician to manipulate people for my own benefit”. No, the intent is positive, it is always positive. Unconscious motivations make people stray from the straight and narrow and that is why you need to make your unconscious conscious as individuals first. 


Have you not noticed that the energies that are poured on the earth plane with great intensity right now are making secrets visible, that all that is negative is now being revealed for all to see? You too have secrets. Look at why you want to keep them secret. There is no need. You are all the same, all united in your quest: transforming darkness into light. As long as one wants to point fingers at others, duality will reign on this planet. 

Unity exists, though. You are all united. The evolutionary energies that are poured on earth in these times have a different effect according to people’s inner attitude. 


This gift that is now received by humanity comes from the cosmic pull toward evolution. This absolute principle exists in all beings. The pull towards evolution and growth is a spiritual principle. If you are open to the call to evolve, the energies will help you, there will be synchronicities, signs, invitations, meaningful events which will help you get near to what is most precious in yourselves, your higher self. If you resist evolution, if you are not curious of it, it will hit you like a violent blow. 


So, open up to change and evolution. You can understand that to going back to living like fifty or one hundred years ago cannot be the solution. It is the heart of men that needs to change, and you will see that matter will serve the purification process people go through. 


It cannot be forced, of course. But we, your friends of light, are happy to show you the potential. We are there for you, always by your side, always listening, you are closely watched. The contact is there. Beings of light, your personal guides, angels, guardians are always close to you. If you are open to this contact, if you ask your higher self for help, if you ask the highest source available at any time, you will get proof of this contact and you will get help. You will get help if your goal is purification and evolution. 


If you want to defend your positions of fear, of negativity, of greed, of lack, of war, well, that is what you will experience. Here on earth life experiences differ from one person to another. Do you think there is injustice? 


It is always a matter of inner will. This inner will existed before you incarnated. And you are born in a specific place or environment according to necessity, according to the lessons you are wanting to learn. You are not in a hurry. Even if you did not move at all, one day light and love would catch up with you. But it is of course favorable to open up and move consciously in their direction. 


This is the possibility, the potential that is given to you in this crisis. 


This channeling was followed by a visualization and a transmission of healing energies.


You are so loved. 


With this gesture, I place on your head and shoulders, on the head and shoulders of your loved ones, the highest blessing of the divine. I greet you. » 







 Text in blue italic print was translated from the channeling in French, black print channeled in English.