Message to the Pathwork community - Cala d'Arconte September 2015


Pathwork Conference Cala d’Arconte, Italy 2015


Messages by the Guide and Questions and answers channeled by Marianne Hubert


September 17, 2015


Greetings, my dear, dear friends, Welcome to this fifth dimension which is freely accessible to all of you here. This fifth dimension in which all together you have built the most wonderful palace. In your times of sleep you visit this palace. It is your home base, it is where you fetch your inspiration, your guidance, and all the tools that are necessary for the transmission work you are doing. 


We, your friends who are not in the body, are deeply grateful to each and every one of you for this most essential work of transmission that you are doing. Do you have any idea of the role that you are playing in the great plan? All of you are aware that new energies are streaming into this dimension in a limitless way, according to what each individual is letting through. Whether or not one is capable of letting these new energies fill oneself to join the divine spark which is present in each and every human being on this planet, depends of course on the purification work that has been done. And that is where you, all of you here, play an essential role. 


We deeply honour you and we are once again putting upon your shoulders this most noble task. It is a heavy weight, without a doubt, but it is also the most fulfilling task a human being can accomplish. As you all are aware, numerous rewards stem from this commitment. Each reward is assimilated into your energy system and makes you a larger soul yet. All of you have come from a very far place, geographically of course, but also in terms of your own personal path. More and more you know of the benevolent universe.


The time has come for the whole world to gaze upon what you have accomplished, and that is why the proceedings of this morning were so important. I hope you realize that. 


As individuals you were sent into this world, each of you possessing the divine spark, each of you separated, looking around and not seeing that the light is within you. Around you, you saw darkness and some days this still is the case. And this is as it should be for there is no possibility of claiming the light that is rightfully yours unless again and again you face the darkness. You are the bringers of light. Your higher selves are the bringers of light. The individual sparks of light, disseminated all over the universe, float in darkness, though in doing so they are bringing the light into regions of the void that have never been touched by light. This process is never ending.


I would like to make the analogy here with the individual regions or chapters or groups, the individual countries. The work of the beings in the higher realms is to remind you of this task that you have taken upon your shoulders before you came into this earthly existence. We have specialists, entities who pull the strings, so that each of you came into contact with these teachings which have always existed, but which never before have been so clear and visible in the whole history of mankind. 


The different chapters were floating in the darkness, each of them creating a small light in their own region, but through the unification that took place today, there is now a central point, the source is now finally reunited with the satellites. 


I honour and thank each and every one of you for the individual work you have done to allow this, but also for the collective work you have done as communities. The trustees as an entity have gone through a deep transformation process which has as a result that the people they interact with are no longer intimidated by them and vice-versa. It is through the vulnerability of each of you trustees that this healing could now take place. The small fires are now connected to the large fire of the origin. This light is visible in all the spiritual realms. It is my privilege today to proclaim this and to let it be known. So you may expect more visibility and a much greater power of attraction for the outside world. This, of course, has been the focus from the start, even though this focus and motivation got lost on a few occasions, there has never been any other objective for our work together than the transformation of the whole planet earth and its temporary citizens. 


As you know, you do not belong here, but this is also the case of the seven billion people who live on this planet. Please bear that in mind when dealing with people. Each of them has a divine spark that is only waiting to be awakened and it is time now to no longer act from the deficit – feeling, perhaps, that you are not being understood in your spiritual endeavours by people around you, by society at large. It’s not about you, it never has been about you, it’s about them, it is about society globally and you know that there is no distance between individual souls for there is only one human soul, which has many different aspects. 


The unification that took place here will have as an effect, if you carry it into the world, that unification may take place in your personal lives, in your families, in your communities, spiritual communities but also communities at large, the places you live in, your neighbors. This is a lot closer than you might imagine.


That is why being a club of select members is a mindset that is no longer valid. You have outgrown this; you no longer need this identification. That is why simplifying the language is important and I do not mean by that that the original lectures should be rewritten, no, this is not necessary. However it is important that you carry the work within your heart and that you speak from the heart, from what you have integrated through your path and that you speak to people simply without being afraid of not being heard and without feeling superior, because it seems others do not intellectually grasp what you have already understood. 


Actual proof is what is needed, love should flow between you. It is easy. You have all reached a certain level and are capable of living in the benevolent universe with all it contains, this one basic quality which has numerous names, it is love of course, but love is also truth, love is consciousness, love is beauty, love is joy, and so on and so forth. 


I am asking you, my dear friends, to radiate this joy, this love and this truth into the world that surrounds you. Keep in touch, all of you. There is essentially no difference between people on this side of the world and people in another part of the world. They all wear disguises, even us in this form we have to adapt to in order to be able to speak to you, we have to wear this disguise, but this is not the essence. There is no difference between you and us. 


That is why we want to express once again our gratitude for your continuous focus on love, and on transmitting the love and on explaining to people how they can stand the love, because that, of course, is where the problem is. Everything that is needed is always freely available and you are a magnet, attracting to you everything, that is delicious, that will give you joy and pleasure. 


You thought it was useful to start protecting you from whatever life brings you. Of course life brings its challenges, its beautiful problems, but right behind them there is the pleasure, the joy and the love; it’s as if we keep bringing to your doorstep lots of parcels, all of them presents, huge presents, small presents, but all of them presents. You are inside the house and you can hear the noise of all the parcels falling on your doorstep, so you do not open the door. Often still, even amidst this particular community, you do not open all the presents. You have to open the presents by looking at whatever is happening. That is why an honest admission of your feelings is still on top of the list, there is not going to be one point where you will no longer have to do this, so please do not think of it as below you. Open the parcels, and do the work, again and again. 


Before turning to your questions, there is one symbolic action that I would like you to do. Draw a mandala. Draw a mandala which represents your current state, and for this I emphasize that you would use all colours that are available. Not just the joyous, beautiful colours, the ones that you like, but also the darker ones, the ones that you hate and that you are currently afraid of. It is important that you should be complete human beings. From the children you used to identify with, you have become adults, and now the choice is before you, as in order to become adults who are capable of sustaining the divine state in daily consciousness, you will have to own all that is dark within you.


The idealized self-image of the spiritual seeker is still present in this community, and there is a certain reluctance to admit to the dark grey, the brown and the black parts of you. You know of course that half of who you are is contained in these parts ? Yes, half. However long you will be working on yourself, new material is being sent and new parts of you are being transmitted to you in your sleep for cleansing. Now that your attention is fully placed upon this, please make use of this life, this short life span, one of many, but do as much as you can. Do not fear the darkness, it has always worked in favour of the light, and so it did again in the first few days of this gathering.


Before we proceed, I will allow my instrument a few minutes rest.


I am with you again, dear friends, and I am ready for your questions.


QUESTION:I want to ask the Guide whether what he or she wasn’t able to explain at that time at Eva’s time, (… inaudible… ) The question is, what are we now ready to learn that is different from the past?


ANSWER: Welcome, this a very good question, thank you for asking it. The material that was transmitted previously is complete. The processes for attaining the state of permeability to the higher dimensions of yourselves are all contained in these previous teachings. However, there is a certain difference between the way people used to commit to a path in the past than they are willing to do now. In a certain way you might compare it to the monks, who were studying Holy Scripture in the middle ages. This was very time consuming and only very few people could devote themselves to this task, though it was certainly necessary. Each new era brings with it a new rhythm, a new pattern of learning as well and obviously -- and this has advantages, though it also has disadvantages -- people nowadays want to consume in a more direct way. Social media have made a big difference. From a spiritual point of view  social media are positive for they allow connection beyond borders. They allow people who have the same object of focalization to find each other easily as well as find the spiritual teachings they resonate with -- for as you know, the knowledge is one, but the light is too bright, and humanity needs the different mirrors to reflect the light and each person is attracted according to what is necessary. 


However, I can assure you that the current form of this highest, of this most complete teaching -- simply because it does lead to a change of life individually and of life in the community, as you well know -- could attract many more people, were it not for the complexity of the language that is used, and that is why in the general message that I gave you, I insisted upon your translation of the work, living the work and for that objective, a new instrument has been appointed. This instrument was prepared for a very long time and all is according to plan.


Please do not think that this means that you now have to listen to this channel, this is according to your own free will. If you have the impulsion to carry the Pathwork into your communities, to make it available to all layers of population including children, elderly people, prisoners, then yes, you might want to listen, for this is the task that we have now taken upon us. And for that part, new messages have been given for a number of years, and are still being given and will continue to be given.


The instrument that I am referring to is not just the verbal instrument, but also the grounding instrument, for sound is an excellent vehicle for the transmission of this work as well. People hear with other senses than just their mind and in the meditations that I have guided during each lecture, a lot of work is done on the cellular level of consciousness as well. I hope this answers your question. (Yes)


QUESTION:You have mentioned that a first phase of transmission, of teachings is now complete, and that the second phase is now starting, if I understood it right. Could you clarify for us what are the main differences in focus between that first stage and this second one?


ANSWER: The difference is the focus on the heart rather than on the mind and the intellectual understanding of it. So far, the intellectual understanding of the work has been leading for each of you to the purification process and the transformation process. This has mainly been an individual movement which did have its effect externally, but this was more like a side effect. 


The new focus is to be on suffering. People have never suffered the way they are suffering now, or should I say, they suffer more consciously than they used to, they are aware of their suffering in every part of the world. And even though you may have the impression that these teachings can only touch people who have already reached this intellectual level that you have reached, this is not the case. Of course a certain conditioning has to be deleted, transformed, so that the identification with the adult ego might take place, which is not the case in many countries, but even in those countries you might call undeveloped, there is now sufficient consciousness, or should I say, a sufficient number of people who are searching and who are looking. These people could start the work. So wherever there is suffering is where your place is.


The fact of globalization has made a big difference, and this is according to plan, of course, this means that people who lack everything, who do not have whatever is necessary for their basic and fundamental needs are aware of what other people have, and this situation, this awareness is going to overflow, and it is going to have more and more results. We should address the problems of society at large. We hope that a new political class will rise, capable of transmitting their own connection to the divine. The new era will no longer allow for fragmentation: the spiritual seekers frowning upon the politicians, the politicians misunderstanding the scientists. It is time, and it is urgent that each of these categories would take upon their own shoulders their responsibilities in creating a better world together. There is a huge arrival of energetic frequencies that are pushing towards this creating of a better world, and that is why the people who know how to do it should now stand up and show themselves, otherwise this creating of a better world will happen, of course, but it might happen through chaos, through war, through rebellion, and of course that will still be the case. But a lot of it can be avoided if you, as a community, as a worldwide community, are willing to change your focal point and look beyond yourselves and the limited suffering you see right outside your door. It is time, and you are strong, and you are ready to maintain a focalization of evolution for all the other people. The ones that did not benefit from your privileged situation, which you earned of course, and which is rightfully yours. 


Love, compassion; the vessel of the heart needs to be deepened daily in your meditation work, this will also lessen the fear for there is fear in the whole spiritual community about the brutality of the way the needs of other peoples are being shown to you. As a community you cannot turn a blind eye, the new energies will no longer allow it. Did this answer your question? (Yes)


QUESTION: M. would like to know if you have suggestions for the Italian group in this moment.


ANSWER: Indeed, I do. There is a certain quality of hesitancy among you, as if you are not sure that you are doing the right thing. It is like a difficulty of claiming your authority in doing this work. As a group creating a formal structure would be of help to ground the multiple efforts that each of you individually is making. Love could be present. This can be worked on if the disagreements are exposed, confronted, if each person, each helper links whatever he or she is suffering from within the Italian community to his or her own images. Understanding can still be deepened about this. Do not hesitate to look for this contact, it is available to each of you. 


The commitment ritual, which is scheduled in a few weeks in Belgium, during which the force is going to be transmitted according to the different levels of commitment, is also open to each and every one of you. Feel proud of what you are bringing into the world. You have a right to do so, you have a right to feel proud. 


I would like to repeat once again that your happiness, your individual happiness at every level of your existence, is a condition, is a prerequisite for being the beacons of light for others to turn to.


QUESTION: For the group of Pathwork Mexico, how to help and be present in a country that is going through a crisis? 


ANSWER: Dear Mexican Path, we suffer with you for this situation and you are already doing whatever is in your power, for you are carrying this problem in your heart and it is bleeding with this pain. 


The transmission you are doing is already very bright, so much joy comes from it, but please understand that as long as individuals think they have a benefit in turning to crime because they feel they are nothing, as long as people think that by appointing a powerful leader they will not have to go through suffering, this level of illusion is the problem for the moment in Mexico. For these two main points, it would be of great use if you could work, perhaps, in institutions that work with youth that is in difficulty or even prison inmates, very quickly a spark of consciousness can be lit, if you in your immediate environment you are in touch with individuals who might be trapped in either of these two illusions I mentioned, you might try to work individually on these two specific points, in your family, in your neighborhood. I think there is room for exchange between the Belgian community, which has this preoccupation at heart, and your community. Time could be given to this before the end of this gathering. 


QUESTION: Could you give some advice for the Japanese Pathwork community?


ANSWER: What a wonderful venture has started there. And you are deeply honoured by our dimension for the work you are doing, for the enthusiasm. You are doing fine. It will take some time and the transmission is taking place for the moment on a more individual level. For you as well, speaking from the heart rather than from the intellectual concept will be better received as your country has a very deep spiritual longing and has already answered this longing in different ways. It is slightly different than the rest of the industrial world where a large majority of people has turned their heads away from spirituality, this is not so much the case in your community. So respect has always been one of your major qualities, the respect you have among each other, so the heart is the solution. You might start in a very simple way. Instead of talking to people, though you may still do that obviously, you may also be aware of the suffering of people around you, and take that into your meditations. Each of you individually take the suffering within your own heart, you will see then, that after that, the contact will be a lot easier, for there already has been a healing in the space of your heart. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes).


QUESTION: Do you have any advice for the International Pathwork Foundation in terms of its mission, its leadership, its organization, its finances and its functions?


ANSWER: I believe I have addressed this subject in my general message. There is not so much a strategy to be thought about here. The fact that you now have a true personal link between yourselves and the other members of your community, the worldwide community, is already a guarantee that new life blood will be streaming towards the centre. The connection with the communities is essential.


What is important, is that the old format of leadership should be abandoned. That a form of participative leadership should come to pass and that is what you have started today. Not so much “We are your boss!”, but rather “Let’s do this together”. Paradoxically this will allow for a much more accessible claim, you may be able to claim your authority much better that way, if you are an open authority, transparent in your decisions, following up on contacts. I should insist on this, the following up on contacts. Though this is not and has never been your intention, the fact that people get the impression that you are not interested in what they have to say creates distance and separation. From a vicious circle, the one you already know, a benign circle can now be put in movement. For if the members of the international community are carrying the foundation and its members, its trustees within their hearts, this will also bring in money, ideas, projects, it is the giving rather than the withholding, however noble the intention of the withholding has been, it is still withholding, and it is not according to spiritual law. So the giving -- by recognizing in each individual who is participating in each community worldwide the spark that wants union, the spark that wants to transmit the teachings -- is what the earth has planned now, for she is an entity as well. If you move into the direction of the transformation and all its inhabitants, you are once again connected to the large stream of consciousness, of truth, but also of material wealth, because there is no distinction. Of course there is such a thing as material wealth, and I am addressing the community at large now, which is obtained from negative endeavours. That is always possible. Human beings have  free will. 


But the material wealth that can be obtained from being aligned on spiritual truth is of course much greater, and this is the one that you will be tapping into, if you make yourselves vulnerable and accessible to the members of the different communities and this is what started today. So please emphasize what is uniting you rather than what is separating you. You need the fire of the union to work on the pollution of the separation, the fire can burn the pollution. There is absolutely no possibility for the pollution to light the fire. The spark has to come from within what is already unified.


QUESTION: I have two questions. One is about the Pathwork in New York, I come from New York where the Pathwork started, and we had a thriving community, at Phoenicia, and then we had a split of people who stayed with the teachings and those who did the fifty-fifty work, and then after that there was a dwindling, dwindling, dwindling, and now there is really basically no Pathwork studies in New York. There is a small group that is holding the light and they have occasional workshops, but so my question is what has happened there? I mean I had a sense that some of it is just about egos and some thoughts about that. And then for myself personally, on October 1stI am about to start working with at risk homeless youth at an agency in Harlem, and just any advice you could give me at all. 


ANSWER: Thank you, this is actually one single question and I will explain how. The dwindling numbers have to do with the ancient form. The ancient form of privileged intellectuals who had access to everything, not just the teachings but also to material ease. There has also been an attitude of wanting to protect that, though this attitude may not be fully conscious, and this is also according to law, for it is true that in New York there is a lot of contrast between the different levels of consciousness of people. This is, it is not that there is evenness, you have very high and very low, if I may say so. So this is very much in keeping with what is happening in developing countries and I am not sure that everyone is aware of this, that all the leaders and helpers are aware of this. In a way there is a war zone, although one may turn one’s head away from it and live in peace, the war is at your doorstep, and the work that you will now begin is definitely the way to start, to leave this ancient form. As I said, suffering should be your focus, wherever people are suffering, and with the youth that you will be working with, please remind them that their essence is divine, that they are beautiful people, that there is a part of them that has never been broken, that has never been insulted, that has never been downtrodden. If you are able to awaken this part, and help is available for this in our realms, and follow this place in them, however much life has put upon them, remind them that is because they have a very large soul that they have started very low, but that they have the same capacity of going high, they are full, complete divine beings. In your heart you have the space to carry each and every one of them, and that is what you will do.


Not in a missionary way, if I may use that word, but in a sort of presence, your presence to their suffering. A beautiful adventure is starting for you and the New York path through this. But not in its current form, new forms will have to be developed to accommodate the needs of the people you will be attracting. It is important that you get some help with the racial aspect of this work. This is an aspect that the community I have the privilege to lead has been very sensitive to, and this of utmost importance in this new world, for anything that symbolizes separation has to be abolished, and the racial divide has to be abolished, as the sexist divide still has to be abolished, for it hasn’t yet, and so on and so forth, between rich and poor, between educated and non-educated. 


One humanity, each individual carrying with him a spark, a spark that has been entrusted to this individual and to none other, which means that if this individual does not evolve to deliver the spark, the world will go lacking of it, and this is a shame.


I will now retire, for other subjects should be addressed now by this community

With this gesture I pose upon your heads and shoulders, and the heads and shoulders of all those that are close to you the divine blessing of the highest.


September 19, 2015 


Greetings, my friends. So much rejoicing is going on in our world at having established this channel of communication with the beautiful spiritual seekers that you are. We hope you are aware of being totally at service of the plan of salvation. You are organized beings of light and you work towards that light. It is your mission to bring this light to others, to other spiritual seekers who are just one step behind you, so please, whatever the reasons are for your not feeling worthy of this task, know that you are the only one who can create this contact of light transmission to the people who are just behind you. In our world we see your light, we admire your perseverance, your hard work. Please know that each of you is being watched by people in your environment. They have read the signs and they are curious. I use the term spiritual seekers but please allow for the fact that very often human beings do not know that that is what they are. Every human being longs for this reunion with the higher, with the house of God, his true home.


In the meditation you got in touch with the part of you that released a magnificent and splendid angel, absolutely powerful, beautiful, high, totally aligned on spiritual law. This is the essence of who you are and this essence has many manifestations, and some of them are still trapped in other parts of you that feel alone and separated. So please never give up reclaiming the very fine and subtle silver matter from their temporary shells. Use this process again and again, for this is just the beginning. 


I am now available for your questions.


QUESTION:She wants to ask why we have so much difficulty in sustaining our inner light.


ANSWER: My dear friend, please understand that this is not how you should look at it. The light is always there, always strong and bright. In your particular case you have some doubts about that fact. There is a certain part in you that has this misconception of having to be loving, compassionate and gentle all the time. In a way you wish you had no lower self. This means that you live as half a person. You would like your negative emotions to be replaced by a new set of emotions, that would only be beautiful and open, but this is a human misconception which is very frequent. 


As I told the other group of seekers a few days ago, I would like to give you the advice to draw a mandala, representing yourself and please do not use only the pretty colours. So much strength and power and intensity in the positive sense, is hidden in this part of you that you do not like. All your life you will have these negative emotions. The judgment you have on yourself is far too heavy to carry. You can love yourself with your imperfections and then one by one you can reclaim the beautiful angels that are hidden in these parts that you do not like. But please understand one thing, you need the aggression, you even need the self-pity, you need the anger, you need the withdrawal, you need the NO, for without a NO there can never be a true YES on this plane of consciousness. 


My advice to you, and as usual I do not speak to one person only, is to fully claim whatever you feel, the chaos, the confusion, then the enchantment, the wonder, the compassion and so on and so forth. Please look at it as an elevator. It is OK to go down into the basement, the more often you can do this, the better it is. Each time you go into the basement, you can turn on the light, each time a small part of you can come up with you to the ground floor. We may compare the basement with the child consciousness, the ground floor with the adult ego and then you can take the elevator up to the first floor, which is your divine self. Make your elevator fast and swift, and do this often, there should not be any difference between the three, they can function harmoniously together if your observer-self embraces all of you. 


What you will experience more and more is that you will not be stuck in an emotion for a very long time, but the actual negative emotions are never going to disappear, and that is as it should be. 


QUESTIONWould you spend a few words about who you are and what is your mission?


ANSWER: My dear friend, I would love to answer this question again, but I already have done so two days ago, so I would rather that you listen to the first answer, so that I can turn myself to other questions as our time is limited. You can ask my instrument for the recording if you so desire.


QUESTION: Two questions. Would you explain to us, what is happening these days, these last weeks on earth, the energy that is coming to us, and how that combines with our gathering here, to give us some advice about the time that is coming as a group, as Pathwork community and as individuals?  I understand that there is something important going on in the universe right in these days and in terms of a shift of energy. Can you tell us about that?


ANSWER: Indeed. Thank you for the question. It is no coincidence that your gathering is taking place at this precise time. You have noticed that earth has been receiving very intense rays of consciousness recently. This has lasted for several years already, but yes, more is yet to come. But I would like to reassure you that you have been steadily preparing for this and that your capacity of sustaining large quantities of light has been growing and is still going to grow. So no worries for those of you who walk this path. The intense output of energies, though, hits the blockages, the energy that has compacted for people who do not yet know how to transmute these energies. 


That is also why it is no coincidence that true healing was achieved between the authority figures of this movement and the individual movements of regions or countries. This is the first time in a very long time that this has been possible. It has been possible because of the good work and humility of all parties involved. There was no guarantee that this was going to happen during the gathering. In fact it almost did not, because the third element, one of the aspects of evil which is confusion, was at work to keep it from happening. And some of you preferred to maintain the peace, the partial peace that had been reached instead of wanting to risk this peace, lose the balance, so that a higher balance might be reached. This always has to be the way. So when strife is upon you, conflict, do not look the other way. The outcome is positive and you are now well prepared for what is coming. 


In your individual communities that you will soon return to, you will find a change. People who were not yet open to your message will become so and will manifest this openness. All of you collectively have a brighter light that is shining now and this will be visible. You work will be to help people who are suffering through this phase. Words of truth will be essential, even though you are afraid of hurting other people’s feelings. You have learned to cleanse the truth of your words from the negative expectations which have as a result that you may not be heard. Please be aware of this pitfall. 


The only way for humanity as a whole to reach higher states of consciousness is the suffering, as you well know, so please, each of you, testify and speak in truth of your own transformation. Do not be afraid to show the ugliness, the most powerful light comes from this self-honesty, and honesty towards others. There is no higher proof than of your being what you have become, transparent vessels aligned on each individual’s task for the plan of salvation. Remember, dear friends, that so many people live on this planet now for so many souls did not want to miss this very important moment in time -- as earth is still in the illusion of time -- of the major shift in consciousness. 


That is all I am allowed to say for the moment. I will now retire into my world to leave the space for other activities in order not to take a space that is not rightfully mine.


With this gesture I place upon you, upon your heads and shoulders, upon the heads and shoulders of all who are near you the highest blessing of the divine.


Be in peace.




Channeling delivered during the Pathwork International conference in Cala d'Archonte, Italy - September 2015.




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